Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Iker Ayestaran: Staycation, Here We Come!

Iker Ayestaran’s refreshing illustration series for The Boston Globe accompanies an article outlining ways to make your "staycation" feel like a vacation.

Yvetta Fedorova: Sleep for Teenagers

Yvetta Fedorova's illustration for the “Well” column in The New York Times this week addresses the issue of teenagers and sleep. Researchers report that the average adolescent needs eight and a half to nine and a half hours of sleep each night, with fewer than 20% getting enough rest on school nights.

Karla Ortiz: Wizards of the Coast

Karla Ortiz shares her latest creepy-gorgeous card, “Ghoulcaller Gisa,” illustrated for Wizards of the Coast.

Dennis Wunsch: A Sense of Technology

Dennis Wunsch created this illustration for the October Scotsman Guide Commercial Edition to accompany an article on how best to utilize technology and online products (including the cloud) to give mortgage brokers a competitive advantage.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

John Weber: Digital Transition

John Weber’s cover illustration the UC San Diego Alumni Magazine accompanied a feature describing how the Geisel Library (named in honor of Dr. Seuss) was transitioning their collection of print materials to digital media.
James Yang was commissioned by American Teacher magazine to create a series of illustrations for a feature about reimagining technical education to realize its untapped potential.  James used a butterfly metaphor to convey the theme of “breaking boundaries,” creating a nice flow throughout the series.

Gary Kelley: A Prayer from the Chinook People

Gary Kelley was commissioned by Highlights Magazine to illustrate a simple, beautiful poem which originated with the Chinook People, a Native American tribe from the Pacific Northwest.

Helen Friel / Joe Wilson: Savoy Cocktail Menu

Helen Friel and Joe Wilson were commissioned to engineer and illustrate a spectacular limited edition pop-up cocktail menu for the Beaufort Bar in London’s legendary Savoy Hotel.

Davor Pavelic: Origins of Grammar

Davor Pavelic created two engaging illustrations for a text book about the history of Slovenian language and grammar.

Brian Stauffer: Fighting Ebola, and the Mud

Brian Stauffer’s illustration for the Op Ed page of today’s New York Times accompanies a piece describing the enormous logistical challenges of battling Ebola, from a boots-on-the-ground perspective in Liberia.