Friday, October 31, 2014

Anni Betts: Happy Halloween!

Anni Betts is absolutely batty for Halloween and the windswept legend of Dracula

Sarah Howell: Boo!

Sarah Howell imagines a rather grotesque Halloween mask for the lovely Twiggy, who appears somewhat startled!

Keith Negley: Blood Test for Cancer

Keith Negley created this illustration for a story in the MIT Technology Review about a new test that lets scientists break blood down into smaller and smaller pieces in order to detect cancer.

Paul Morton: Beeble & Blink

Paul Morton wishes you Happy Halloween using his new app for children, Beeble & Blink’s First Book of Colors.

Tom Richmond: Peter Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Happy Halloween from Tom Richmond!

Sean Tiffany: Season of the Witch

Happy Halloween from Sean Tiffany!

Coco Masuda: That South Korean Glow

Coco Masuda’s illustration for the New York Times Style section accompanied an article about the growing popularity of South Korean type skincare products in the United States.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gary Kelley: Harlem Hellfighters

Gary Kelley’s latest children’s book, Harlem Hellfighters written by J. Patrick Lewis, tells the story of the African-American soldiers of 369th Infantry Regiment in WWI who put their lives on the line, despite widespread bigotry and racism, in the name of democracy and freedom.  Order a copy today through Bookstore.

John Mattos: Beaumont Hotel

John Mattos was commissioned to create a series of art deco inspired murals and caricatures for the restaurant of the buzzworthy new Beaumont Hotel in London.  The glamorous, clubby room channels a bygone era of polo, horseracing and Hollywood allure.

John Tomac: A Fair Shot

John Tomac’s cover illustration for the American Federation of Teachers’ magazine, On Campus, takes aim at the issue of college access and affordability for working families.