Friday, August 29, 2014

James Yang: Impolite In Print!

James Yang's wryly hilarious alter-ego, “The Impolite Gentleman,” was spotted on the back page of the Golf Digest September issue…

CF Payne: Hooray, Someday

CF Payne illustrated this sweet, aspirational action scene to accompany a poem featured in the September issue of Highlights Magazine.

Chris Gash: Food Stars

Chris Gash’s illustration for Variety accompanied an article about how celebrity chefs are the new must-have star attraction for Las Vegas casinos.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Richard Borge: Robot Race

Richard Borge’s illustration for REASEARCH Magazine accompanied and article about how "robo-advisors" are transforming the financial advising world (and the race to do so).

Merrill Rainey: The Spooky Season

Merrill Rainey called upon his inner-child for inspiration when illustrating the Sept./Oct. issue of Jack & Jill Magazine. He was asked to create a Halloween board game activity for some good old-fashion fun, showcasing one of his favorite times of the year: The Spooky Season!

Pete Ryan: Sure Footed

Pete Ryan illustrated an article for Canadian financial magazine BC Business about “secure financial footing.”

Laura Watson: Wonderful World

Laura Watson shares an illustration from a recently completed book for Ideals Publications, “A Love Letter from God,” which features children discovering everything wonderful about their world.

Mark Hanley: Haunted House

Mark Hanley scared up a classic Haunted House illustration for non-profit animal shelter Pet Project, Inc., to promote their annual Halloween adoption campaign. The image, rendered on an iPad using just one app and one stylus, was adapted for use as a large scale wall hanging as well as print and collateral advertising.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rob Dobi: McIlroy Rises Again

Rob Dobi’s pop-inspired cover illustration for Sport Magazine depicts the resurgence of pro golfer Rory McIlroy.

James Fryer: A Very Stalinist Management Model

James Fryer’s illustration for the Times Higher Education's opinion page accompanies an article noting the many parallels between Stalin's Russia and the operation of today's universities in the UK.