Thursday, September 18, 2014

Justin Metz: Out of Control

Justin Metz illustrates the problem of infinite TV viewing choices for the cover of Variety magazine.

Melinda Beck: Punishment or Abuse?

Melinda Beck’s stark silhouette illustration on today’s New York Times Op Ed page accompanies an opinion piece on the wide acceptance of various forms of corporal punishment.

Stephan Walter: Made in London

Stephan Walter constructs another fabulous illustration for the cover of Time Out London.

Paul Morton: Winter Wonderland

Paul Morton has illustrated another Imaginetics magnetic sticker set for Interplay, the second Snowpersons Holiday / Winter themed set he produced this year. More penguins? Yes, please!

Taylor Callery: Marathon Rebel

Taylor Callery's illustration for The New York Times accompanied an essay written about a woman training for the marathon by simply sticking to her daily routine of smoking cigarettes, drinking wine, and eating pasta.

Tim O’Brien: The Roosevelts

Tim O’Brien painted a stunning triple portrait for the cover of TIME magazine’s special issue on the Roosevelts.

Anni Betts: Love, Internationally

Anni Betts created these sweetly global animal illustrations for the wedding event stationary of a British groom and his Australian bride. Anni’s creatures included a kookaburra and a kangaroo to represent Australia, and a robin and a squirrel to represent the UK.

Harry Campbell: Cold War Star Wars

Harry Campbell created a doodle-wonderful cover illustration for Newsweek magazine using a vintage astronaut photo as a base.

Keith Negley: Flake Music

Keith Negley was commissioned by Sub Pop Records to illustrate a reinterpretation of Flake Music’s (The Shins) album “When You Land Here, It’s Time To Return” for a re-release.  Here is Keith’s soaring painting, along with the more earth-bound original, below.

Sarah Howell: Face Pack

Sarah Howell illustrated Face Pack over photo by Kenneth Willardt of model Barbara Palvin… all in the name of beauty!